If you intend to come to the Thursday dinner of the KITP program "Fundamental Aspects of Superstring Theory," please add your name to the list below.

The final dinner, this Thursday, May 28th, will be at 7:30pm at the Chinese restaurant China Pavilion located at 1202 Chapala St, Santa Barbara.

We will be leaving KITP at 7:00pm; there should be enough rides for everyone. After your name, please indicate whether you need or can offer a ride to/from the restaurant.

List of participants

  1. Josh Lapan - I have a car and can take 4 there and back.
  2. Mike Mulligan can drive (a car) and take 3 people there and back.
  3. Nori Iizuka - need a ride to go and back. Thanks.
  4. Bart Horn - will need a ride there and back to KITP or Goleta - thanks!
  5. Nikolay Bobev - I need a ride, there and back.
  6. Aaron Bergman - I have a car and can take 3
  7. Joao Penedones - I have a car and can take 4