String Field Theory

Is the String Field Big Enough ? B. Zwiebach. Fortschr.Phys.49 (2001) 387.
String Field Theory. Leonardo Rastelli (hep-th/0509129)
String Field Theory. Wati Taylor (hep-th/0605202).
Open string field theory basics: Tachyon potentials, star products and universality. Rastelli and Zwiebach (hep-th/0006240)
For more recent developments: Analytic solution ... M. Schnabl (hep-th/0511286)
Comments on Schnabl's ..... Y. Okawa (hep-th/0603159)
A comprehensive recent review: Analytical Solutions of Open String Field Theory. Fuchs and Kroyter 0807.4722

Pure Spinors

hep-th/0209059 (Nathan's ICTP lecture notes),
hep-th/0609006 (multiloop amplitudes and non-renorm. theorems),
hep-th/0702083 (quantum consistency of AdS background).