Biographical Sketches

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Melanie Becker

I am a professor of physics at Texas A&M University.
Current research: Flux compactifications and its applications to string phenomenology and cosmology.
Quantum Gravity models in three dimensions.

Nathan Berkovits

Professor at the Instituto de Fisica Teorica at the State University of Sao Paulo.
Current research: Covariant quantization of the superstring and its applications.

Albion Lawrence

Asst. prof. at Brandeis University
Current research: Black holes and spacelike singularities, especially via AdS/CFT; other topics in AdS/CFT; tachyon condensation; effective field theories of string compactifications; topics in cosmology with and without string theory.

Nikita Nekrasov

Professor at the Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques
Current research: Hidden integrability of (supersymmetric) gauge/string theories, mathematics of
string amplitudes, instanton partition functions, topological string field theory and quantum gravity.

Joe Polchinski

I am a KITP permanent member and Professor at UCSB. For more about me, please see my home page.
Current research: various topics in gauge/gravity duality, including duals to landscape vacua and linear dilaton theories, duals involving intersecting branes, understanding bulk locality, and the black hole information problem.

Eva Silverstein

Current research: field theory duals to four-dimensional string vacua, duals to spacelike singularities, and
inflationary theory and signatures.

Brenno Vallilo

I am a professor of physics at UNAB at Santiago.
Current research: applications of pure spinor and hybrid formalisms to flux compactifications and gauge/gravity duality.