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Welcome to the wikispace for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics

Program on Fundamental Aspects of Superstring Theory

January 5, 2009 - May 29, 2009

Coordinators: Melanie Becker, Nathan Berkovits, Joe Polchinski

Announcement: Stanleyfest

Announcement: Mini-conference on dualities in physics and mathematics (March 16-20)

Logo from The Complete Idiot's Guide to String Theory, by G. Musser.


This wikispace is a repository for resources, scheduling, introductions, and conversations among program participants. Program participants and researchers who are following the activities remotely are encouraged to add discussion or add new pages.

Getting Started

Learning to use this wiki is no harder than learning to use email. If you want to practice getting around and using the editors, you can go to test123test. Briefly, to edit a page (other than those restricted to the organizers,) simply click the edit this page button at the top of the page. To add a page, click on the New Page item at the top left under Actions. After making a new page, it will automatically be added to the space-menu (or navigation menu) in the left column, but you may also link to it from any other wiki page. For instructions about linking pages, see Help in the upper right. In addition, every page has a discussion board associated with it. To peruse the comments or to add your thoughts, click the discussion tab on the top of any page.


Safari cannot be used with some features of the visual editor, only with the text editor. We recommend the FIREFOX browser instead, which is already available on your workstation at KITP or can be downloaded from here. (Mozilla's Firefox is free and available for nearly all operating systems.)